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About Us

We only use professionals. The quality of our security agents separates us from our competition. Our agents are properly vetted and most often have backgrounds in local, state and federal law enforcement, military service or related private security services. Our agents consist of male and females. A call to us is free.
Clients sometimes make costly mistakes by selecting companies that do not have the experience, which may cause embarrassment, higher costs, increased liability exposure and delays in problem resolution.
While we do not accept all work we are asked to perform, if we believe that we cannot effectively find a solution or if the situation is unacceptable for us, we will give you an honest assessment up front – we will cut to the chase to save you time and ensure clarity of effort.


“I am pleased with the performance of Byerson Specialized Protection Services staff assigned to our facilities for private security and surveillance. The management responds quickly to questions and needs. I would definitely recommend Byerson Specialized Protection Services to others.”
Jay Odegaard Director of Parks, Recreation, Forestry City of LaCrosse WI
“Our experience with Byerson Specialized Protection Services for security cameras has been positive. Their professionalism and attention to detail has been of the highest caliber. Our organization recommends Byerson Specialized Protection Services to any company seeking competitive prices, professionalism and a company that goes above and beyond the call of duty.”
Mike Lynch Owner Holiday Marine
LaCrosse WI
“This security company is amazing. Couldn’t have gone any better! The most helpful bunch of security professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
Jeremiah Burnish Director 
Between The Bluffs, Beer Wine and Cheese Festival